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Company name * Hototogisu Solutions  
Description of services * Company Description:
Hototogisu, established on 26th August of 2008, is a company currently operating and providing translation and interpreting services from Indonesia to the world. Our mission is to bridge between Indonesia, ASEAN, Japan and the world has become the foundation and the philosophy of this company.
We combine reliability, flexibility, efficiency, as well as professionalism to deliver affordable yet high quality work with our exceptional Indonesian, Japanese, English, as well as other language native speakers.

Company Mission:
To bridge between Indonesia, ASEAN, Japan and the world.

Company Tagline:
Credible, affordable, and focused on you.

Client list: refer to Company Portfolio

Language Offered: English–Indonesian, English–Japanese, Japanese–Indonesian, English–Thai, Standard Chinese (mandarin)–Indonesian, Malay–English, and English–Russian. 
Country * Indonesia  
Native Languages of translators * English
Translation from Language(s) * English
Translation to Languages * Russian
Translation Sectors * Standard text translation
Technical text and manuals
Patent translation
Website translation
SEO texting
Book translation / Fiction
Book translation Non-Fiction
Agency offers following types * Translator
Pricing forms accepted * Per word
Per hour
Price per word (in EUR) * 0.026  
Price per hour (in EUR) * 22  

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