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Catalog: PROJECTS SECTORS Standard text translation 
Caption of translation * EN-KOREAN proof reading 2 hours  
Small Description or sample text * Dear wonderful translators

I have an interesting new job for you: proof reading of 6,500 words – depending on the quality.

That means: I have a PDF file in Korean and one in EN. I need the Korean file proof read and what I basically need to know is: is the translation good or bad? I will pay you for the time you need to check that, 2 hours maximum meaning: please stop reading after 2 hours max.

If you are available, I will send the files today and will need them back tomorrow 7 January at 11:00 AM UK time.

The subject matter is architecture – please confirm if you are comfortable with that by providing me with a translation example or a CV for documentation.

Please see these samples:

Nordea Bank’s new headquarters in Ørestad, Copenhagen, is organised as a city, offering quiet, more intimate spaces as well as squares and streets full of life and activity. [36]코펜하겐 외레스타드(Ørestad) 지역에 세워진 노르디아은행(Nordea Bank)의 새 본사는 마치 도시처럼 구성되어 생활과 활기 넘치는 광장과 도로뿐만 아니라 조용하면서도 더욱 친밀한 공간을 제공합니다.[37]
A successful commercial building supports the organisation’s dynamics, corporate culture and image. [73]성공적인 상용 빌딩은 조직의 역동성, 법인 문화 및 이미지를 지원합니다.[74]
In sustainable office buildings, we combine measurable sustainable solutions as regards energy consumption and economy and research-based knowledge that we transform into good spaces and healthy buildings. [772]지속가능한 오피스 건물에서는 에너지 소비와 관련한 측정가능한 지속가능 솔루션을 경제성 뿐만 아니라 연구에 기반한 지식과 결합하여 양호한 공간과 건강한 건물로 바꾸어 놓습니다.[773]
This applies to both new buildings and renovations. [774]이것은 신축 건물 및 개조 모두에 적용됩니다.[775]
For the past 20 years, office buildings have been characterised by a homogeneous ’glass box aesthetics’. [776]지난 20년 동안 오피스 건물의 특징은 일률적인 ’유리 상자 미학’이었습니다.[777]

Thanks a lot for letting me know if you are available!

Text sector * Proofreading/Editing
Translation from Language * English
Translation to Language * Korean
Number of words 2 hours  
Freelancer accepted * Yes
Agencies accepted * Yes
Max. delivery date * 07 January 2014 12:00 UK time (noon)  
Pricing form * Per hour
Accepted price range per hour (EUR) 20  
Accepted flat rate for project (in EUR) 40  
Customer’s location (Country) * Denmark  
Customers’s location state (only US or Canada) Not US  
Reference Number 65382  
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